Classical Symphony – Homage to Schubert (2012)

This work was composed over the Christmas period 2011-12, and was performed on May 12th at Carrdus School, Overthorpe Hall, Banbury. It is dedicated to Miss Susan Carrdus, who was retiring as Head of the school after 27 years. The music was performed by Teachers, Parents and Old Girls from the school.

It is in four movements:

1 – Andante – Allegro is the longest, and is entirely classical in style and structure

2 – Lento is calm with hints of a more romantic style, particularly in the choice of keys

3 – Scherzo is a lively, humourous movement, reflecting the lighter side of life at the school

4 – Presto – Andante – Presto is the most modern in style – playful, but with a hint of sadness in the Andante section

Performance time 26 minutes with repeats, 20 minutes without. The light scoring allows for less advanced players on the second parts.

Orchestration: 2Fl / 1Ob / 2Cl / 1Bsn / 2Hn / 2Tpt / 1Trb 2Perc – Timps & Untuned / Strings

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