Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (2011)

  • 1
    Cadenza live - DPS July 2011
  • 2
    1st movement - opening couple of minutes
  • 3
    2nd movement - opening section
  • 4
    3rd movement - Tarantella
  • 5
    3rd movement - Waltz
  • 6
    3rd movement - Geamparale

For some years I had toyed with the idea of composing a piano concerto, but it was after hearing Dominic Piers Smith playing with the London Philharmonic Orchestra that I felt inspired to “put pen to paper”. The finished result is dedicated to Dominic, who premiered it on 2nd July 2011 in Brackley.

The three movements are very different, but are a reflection of my musical influences and general outlook on life. Whilst this is a 21st century work, I consciously wrote in a post-romantic style, which I believe is more accessible to mainstream audiences than some of the more specialist musical movements of the modern era.

I – Allegro – Vivace – Gymnopédé – Allegro
II – Of Tranquillity
III – Tarantella – Jig – Waltz – Geamparale

The first clip is a live recording of the pianist Dominic Piers Smith playing the cadenza from the 1st Movement during the premiere performance, 2nd July 2011 (recording by Steve Pogson)

The remaining clips were produced by NotePerformer via Sibelius 8.5

For the 3rd movement, imagine the piano and orchestra at a dance – the piano being the centre of attention, showing off all the latest moves. The orchestra becomes bored with this and wants to play a sedate little waltz, but the piano butts back in and turns it into a jazz waltz. Finally, the piano dares the orchestra to keep up in the rhythmically challenging Geamparale before the final crescendo.

Total Duration: 26 minutes

Orchestration: Fl/Picc, Ob, Cl, Bsn, Hn, Tpt, Trb, 4 percussion (Timps, Kit, Mallets, Untuned), Hp, Strings, Piano

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